Thermal Oil Heaters

UK Boilers are UK distributors for Thermal Oil Heaters range which consists of the following models:



  • Diathermic oil heater featuring a helical tube bundle with one or more turns and three effective flue passes. Suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels.
  • 15 sizes with heat outputs from 117 to 5814 kW and steam production, in combination with EVA series evaporator, from 166 to 8300 kg/h.
  • Standard design pressure 10 bar.g
  • Operating temperatures
    • 300°C for mineral oils
    • 350°C for synthetic oils
    • Temperature difference between oil inlet and outlet of around 40°C.
  • Upon request boilers can be developed with different temperature values and differences from those indicated above. Construction with two concentric rings inside a gas tight cylindrical sheet metal body. The first “ring” represents the furnace that the flame extends along; the second “ring” is the start of a three flue pass circuit that optimises use of the entire heat exchange surface, making it advantageous to use low NOx burners.
  • Tube bundle made from seamless carbon steel.
  • Access to the furnace is available through a burner door hinged to the boiler that can be opened from the right or the left; the door is lined on the inside with a suitably thick layer of refractory concrete and features a flame inspection opening and burner anchor plate.
  • The rear smokebox is bolted to the boiler, and lined on the inside with insulating concrete, and is fitted with cleanout door and attachment for the flue connection.
  • The boiler body is lined by a suitable layer of high density rock wool, protected by stainless steel plate (AISI 430); this reduces heat loss and improves overall efficiency.
  • Certification
    • CE mark in accordance with the following directives
    • Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED)
    • Low Voltage (2006/95 EEC)
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108 EEC)


fhfpThe FHFp thermal oil heater is intended for a “heavy duty” industrial use. The design, materials and details assure first-class efficiency, wear and reliability.

The burner is of the industrial type with a separate fan, to provide pressurised combustion.

Suitable for both liquid and gaseous fuels:

  • 7 sizes with outputs from 2,906 to 11,630 kW.
  • Design pressure 8 bar.g
  • Maximum operating temperature 320°C.
  • CE mark according to PED directive 97/23/EC  (category I).
  • Oil is circulated through the boiler by a centrifugal pump, designed for a temperature difference of 40°C.
  • Multi-tubular package with integral air preheater.
  • Furnace surface completely cooled, with low thermal loading (average less than 400 kW/m3) and complete with inspection and cleaning port.
  • Easily accessible tube nest for cleaning.
  • The tubular structure boasts a large heat exchange surface (the thermal flux density is less than 26 kW/m2). The tube arrangement can be fully drained.
  • All headers are designed so that they are shielded from radiated heat and hydraulically balanced
  • The inner skin-casing is constructed from stainless steel to resist condensate corrosion, designed to allow free expansion, and stiffened by a beam frame to withstand pressurisation.
  • Below the pipe nest, ported chambers allow a bigger volume of ash collection before cleaning and give better access for cleaning equipment.
  • For steam or superheated water production, the heater can be connected to an evaporator / heat exchanger.

Accessories (Available On Request)

  • Air preheater, a flue gas/air heat exchanger to be installed in the flue gas circuit between the boiler and the chimney. This increases thermal efficiency by around 4%. This solution requires an industrial burner with separate fan to be installed upstream of the preheater.
  • Burner: manufacturer and type based on customer specifications.
  • Oil circulating pump assembly with 1 or 2 pumps, complete with valves, filters, compensators and pressure gauge.
  • Instrument panel complete with operating and safety temperature controllers.
  • System electrical control panel boiler, circulating pump, expansion vessel etc.
  • Oil filling pump.
  • Oil degasser: degasser tank for optimum air removal when filling the heater and during operation.
  • Oil collection tank.
  • Open expansion vessel.
  • Pressurised expansion vessel.
  • B.E.C.S. (Boiler Electronic Configurable System): the B.E.C.S. control system consists of a PLC fitted with high performance Touch Panel colour operator interface. The interface can be used to manage operation of the Boiler and Burner System.
  • Pneumatic temperature control with on-off valves.

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